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About Rajasthani Jhola Bags Online

Jhola bags are nothing but sling bags that come in various sizes and designs. There are large, small, medium and extra large jhola bags that suit every buyer. Women like fancy jhola bags with lots of works made with beads, twigs, stones, colorful threads, mirrors and so on. Beautiful embroidery is also made on these bags. They were very popular in India for many years and then with new designs and materials used, these bags became popular in many other countries as well. Ethnic bags have a class of its own and are in great demand all over the country.

Rajasthani jhola bags are made by the artisans of Rajasthan and are made with various materials. They are highly decorated and colorful, which make them one of the favorites with women. If you think that jhola bags are modern accessories then you are mistaken. These bags have a history which takes you as far back as the Biblical times. In Bible there are references of pouches and bags carried on the shoulder. Royal ladies carried small pouches which were made of lace and high quality gold textured clothes, and decorated with pearls and beads. These have small and dainty drawstrings also.

The fashion of carrying sling bags started again in 1960s and became very popular. Now there are many jhola bags available in the market and some are highly ornate with many adornments while others are simple and made of cotton, khadi or jute. Most popular jhola bags have Rajasthani or Gujarati designs. These jhola bags have patchworks and also colorful motifs including elephants, camels, horses, birds and flowers. They are easy to carry and have straps that may be large or thin according to the size of the bag. College girls and young women going for work like to carry these bags as they are stylish and convenient to carry. Indo-western motifs and designs are made, which make it appealing to the younger generation. Famous fashion designers like Nida Mahmood and Satya Paul have also designed many of these bags. You can take  jhola hags that match your outfit and look stylish and fashionable.