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If body needs cleaning with exfoliation, it needs hydration as well to make skin soft and smooth, which will be achieved by applying body moisturizers and creams.

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A moisturizer or a body cream hydrates the skin. When we wash or exfoliate our skin, the skin loses all its moisture and elasticity. Moisturizers deeply nourish and heal the skin giving back all those lost nutrients and hydration. With age, skin starts losing collagen which is essential for skin tissues. Hydrating the skin with creams and lotions can restore the collagen in our skin.

A moisturizer rich in Vit. E helps a lot. Vitamin E is very good for skin. Body and face should be moisturized after bath as extra scrubbing scales off the skin and makes it dry. Dry skin wrinkles up faster, makes you look dull and old. A well moisturized and glowy skin looks fabulous and younger. Applying body moisturizers and creams before sleep also helps a lot. The skin absorbs all the moisture making it soft and smooth.

A body lotion comes for all skin types: oily, normal and dry. A winter and summer body lotion is also different. A summer one is however lighter than winter body lotion. Face creams are different in compositions, they are thicker than body lotions. One can use products from brands like Lakme, L'Oreal, Himalaya, Neutrogena, Vaseline, Ponds, Olay etc. These products can help in making the skin soft and hydrated.