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Maharishi Cardimap tablets which is used to controll the High Blood Pressure naturally. It's very effective in tension, stress management,and anxeity.

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Manufacturer Maharishi
Brand This product is available from Maharishi
Weight The Weight of this product is 200 Gm
Number of Contents in Sales Package 10*10 Nos

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Iam taking Cardimap tablets of maharishi ayurved for anxiety and BP. Is there any same medicine in kottakkal products. Pls reply
Asked On 2016-08-01
Answer :

Every medicine in Ayurveda has unique combinations of herbs which act in different way. All tablets or capsules do not have the same effect. Some doctors prefer prescribing medicines for BP and anxiety in different forms like herbal powders, decoctions etc. They too will have different impact. AVS Kottakkal too has medicines to combat BP but with their own unique combinations. Ayurveda diagnosis finds out BP and anxiety and treats them on different basics.

If your question is related to finding medicines in Kottakkal pharmacy which has similar ingredients as Cardimap, my answer is ‘NO’!!

Kindly wait for results from Cardimap usage, always taking many medicines is not good especially when you are dealing with hypertension.


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High blood pressure leads to heart attack and strokes. Consider taking natural herbal supplement HT NIL for high blood pressure.
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