Hamdard Rogan Badam Shirin Almond Oil 100 Ml

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Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Oil (also known as Badam Roghan, Badam Oil, Badam Rogan, Sweet Almond Oil) is made from Badam Malai Giri (also called Sweet almond kernels) imported from Afghanistan. 

It's a well known and used in almost every Indian household due to its health benefits especially to hair and skin. It is also consumed in small quanities for it's richness in vitamins, anti-oxidants and Omega-6 acids. It is wonderful for your heart and also has neurological benefits. It also has linoleic acid and oleic.

Roghan Badam Oil Benefits

There are numerous benefits which has made sure that it becomes a household item - 

  1. Treats dry skin and breaking lips - it's light and has emollient properties. Also, it's non greasy which makes it ideal for treating dry skin.
  2. Treats inflammation on your skin - it should be used topically to relive itchiness and reduce inflammation - it works well due to its anti-inflammation property.
  3. Gets rid of dark eye circles - it is effective if the cause is loss of fat, irregularity of pigmentation, excessive rubbing of eyes and excessive sun exposure. If you are facing it due to fatigue, you should take a teaspoon of oil with food internally.
  4. Removes blemishes from your skin - due to high content of fatty acids, it is able to treat / get rid of sebum. Also, a gentle message with roghan oil helps you get rid of dead cells which are the main cause of blemishes and damaged skin.
  5. Cleans up your wrinkles on your skin - Badam oil has vitamin E and anti-oxidant which helps in getting rid of wrinkles. For a radiant, glowing skin - you should apply it regularly.
  6. Relieves Tension - a gentle message on head and hairs with this oil will relieve your tension and stress.
  7. Strenghtens power of your brain - it's considered a memory booster.
  8. It is good for your heart
  9. Gets rid of constipation if you are suffering from it. If you are facing from hard stools, dry stools, stomachache due to bowel movement; it is recommended that you take 5 ml of Roghan Oil with 200 ml of milk three times a day. After a week, reduce it to once a day (10ml) and then after additional 2-3 weeks, reduce it to 5ml dose once per day (night time before sleeping). This will really help you get rid of the entire problem.
  10. Cures Dandruff
  11. Keeps your body warm during cold times/ winter
  12. Nourishes your skin and makes it soft
  13. Helps build stronger bones and is considered very good for infants (external use only)
  14. Gives good texture to your hair and makes it look full
  15. Improves your hair volume
  16. It's easy to wash and unlike other oils, it has no smell
  17. Cleans your nostrils dryness and blockage - use 1-2 drops in each of the nostril with your head tilt up.
  18. Cleans your ear wax - put couple of drops in one ear and keep the head tilted to make sure oil is able to fill out. After few minutes, clean up the wax. Then repeat the procedure for the other ear.


Roghan Badam Shirin Use and Dosage

Depending on the age, following is recommended (however, please speak to a doctor if there is other medical history) - 

  1. For infants below age of 1 - oral dosage is not recommended
  2. For children above age of 1 - upto 2.5 ml twice per day can be consumed orally
  3. For adults - 5 to 10ml twice per day can be taken by user. Even for adult user, anything above 30 ml is never recommended

When consuming it, take it with salad or with vegetables. You can also take it with milk or honey.

For external application, use it as needed. 

Roghan Badam Oil Side effects

There are no known side effects however, given the rich fatty acid content, it may increase your weight if consumed on a long term basis.

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Manufacturer Hamdard
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