Zandu Zandopa Powder 200 Gm

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Zandopa is an ayurvedic formulation for treating parkinsons disease. It is made from extracts of plant called Mucuna pruriens and has been in use in Ayurveda for thousands of years.

It contains Levadopa (also called L-Dopa) which comes from this plant and is a natural source of dopamine.

Zandopa Benefits

There are number of benefits of Zandu Zandopa -

  1. Treats Parkinson's Disease Patient
  2. It helps the patient first with rigidity and tremors
  3. Keeps the patient active and energetic for many years
  4. With medical supervision and medicine, a patient can enjoy active life
  5. It's considered safe for long term use
  6. Overall sensory and motor skills are improved - like speech, eating, handwriting, facial expression etc

Zandu Zandopa dosage and use

You should take it under strict medical supervision and as directed by your doctor

Take the dose as prescribed by doctor and then put that in a glass of water, mix it and drink it as soon as possible

Zandopa Side Effects

It is generally noticed that side effects shown in synthetic L-Dopa are not visible in patients consuming Zandopa, however, it is best advised to not take high dosage as well as take all the precautions as done while you take synthetic L-DOPA. Please note that Zandopa should only be taken with doctor's advise. Also , please keep the following in mind -

  1. Store the medicine in a cool and dry place
  2. Never take it with milk
  3. Keep it out of reach of your children
  4. You must protect the medicine from light and keep the box air tight at all times

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Manufacturer Zandu
Brand This product is available from Zandu
Weight The Weight of this product is 200 Gm
Sales Package 1
Number of Contents in Sales Package 200 Gm

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