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People are very specific when it comes to buying a mobile phone, from capturing photos and playing games to social networking, messaging, e-mail and phone calls. With varieties of mobile phones having multiple operating systems and various screen sizes, choosing the best one out of the basket is now a tougher task. The market leaders in this segment are Samsung, Nokia (Microsoft Mobile), HTC, Apple and OPPO, Micromax and Karbonn. These companies offer a wide range of mobiles phones starting from Rs 1,500 to Rs 50,000.

But the main question arises ’which mobile phone to buy?’.

Using the following tips will surely help you in choosing the right gadget.

1. Decide your OS (operating system).

• iOS (Apple)- The brand speaks for itself. The iOS based mobiles have stylish looks, new controls for quickly changing the settings of the device, extremely good UI and a new ITunes radio set which makes the device a complete set of all requirements.

• Android (Google)- This operating system for mobile phones is the most popular operating system as the SDK of this platform is open-source. So every developer can write down a code and create any kind of application making the app store full of useful apps. 

• Windows(Microsoft)-  Received by Nokia Lumia series, in a large part, this operating systems flaunts a dynamic interface with live tiles that display updates, and is easy to arrange and re-size your app tiles. Other advantages include Xbox games, videos, music as well as outlook and office integration.

2. Processor, Ram, Graphical unit.
Before you buy any mobile phone, check the configuration of phone as there are various mobile processor companies in the market like QUALCOMM, MKT and Intel. Qualcomm provides a huge range of processors which varies from basic to high end processors while the rest have only limited options.

A device with 1.5 to 2 GB ram works pretty well.
Adreno is the only company manufacturing GPU for mobile phones.

3. Screen size and pixel density.
A phone having a screen size between 4” to 5” looks decent. Phones have size above than 5” comes in the category of phablet.

To watch a 720p video, pixel density of 320~ ppi is appropriate. 

4. Carrier options.
You can choose a phone which has a single sim slot or a dual sim slot according to your needs.

5. Battery life.
Mobile phones having high end processors eat more battery as compared to other devices.

So now you can decide which device to choose according to your requirement and budget. 

6. Mobile Accessories.
Some mobile companies don’t provide accessories like Ac to DC plug or data cables, so read the “accessories present” column mentioned on the box.

Many online mobile stores offer attractive discounts when you buy any mobile phone from them. Grab the best offer while you can!