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Ayusya Naturals ‘My fear to climb stairs’….is not a title of book, but the very reason for foundation of ‘Ayusya Naturals Pvt. Ltd.’ When nothing helps, you need to help yourself. That’s the principle on which I, Vasant Agarwal, the Founder and Director of Ayusya Naturals, formed this company. However, while you are helping yourself, if you can also contribute to better others’ life, the feeling can’t be expressed just in words. An extensive research of natural source of curing various diseases helped us form compositions that have an unimaginable effect on bettering human lifestyle by offering assured rememdy. We salute Ayurveda and the Natural resource from all over the world. Today, with over 20000 satisfied customers, we have crossed the Indian boundaries and have entered some of the international markets. The journey begins now, after 5 years of forming this company. Our vision is to offer cure to anybody and everybody contributing to their happiness and enabling life. Our mission is to offer assured results in treating chronic disorders such as Diabetes, Cancer and Arthritis. The humble endeavor is to cure these disorders naturally. We have been manufacturing products to treat mutiple diseases such as Heart disorders, Diabetes, Hairfall, Weight Management, Female problems, Fibroids, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Asthma, Thyroid. With over 18 products in the basket, we aim to expand heavily in the category of Diabetes and Cancer management. Each of our products is a composition of natural resources and contains no animal or non-natural extracts. It has been our endeavor to source the natural products from all over the world, to keep up to our promise of Quality and Purity. Some of our products for Cancer treatment are made of natural extracts imported from Europe. So be rest assured while purchasing any of Ayusya Natural’s products that they are completely NATURAL. Your confidence in our products may be enhanced by knowing that majority of our products are well supported by large scale clinical trials; especially the products to treat Heart Diseases, Diabetes and Pain management. Our forthcoming range of cancer management products are currently undergoing clinical trials in India, however are already supported by clinical trials in Europe. We couldn’t have thought of a better satisfaction level than the practicing doctors prescribing our range of products for their patients. Today, we have a base of more than 600 doctors including general practitioners and consulting physicians prescribing our products regularly. With Cancer being the no. 1 concern all over the world and India becoming the Diabetes capital of the world, we certainly are committed to serving these patients. We do foresee a huge gap in treating patients with these disorders, to be bridged by us; and we pledge to take responsibility to offer high Quality Natural Remedy for these ailments at an affordable price. On our journey, we would also like to invite people who are willing to shoulder this responsibility with us, by helping us make our products available across all corners of the world. We have achieved the current milestone of serving more than 20000 patients with just 4% of capacity utilization; and are hence confident of catering to all your demand within mutually agreeable timlines. For more on Ayusya Naturals, do visit our website www.ayusya.in or www.ayusya.com. Ayusya Naturals Pvt Ltd. Enabling Life
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