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Shimply: The Ultimate destination for Authentic Indian Products

Shimply is your ultimate online destination for authentic Indian products, sourced from their state of origin. The very essence of India lies is in its unity in diversity. At Shimply, we have made a sincere effort to bring to you this very idea of India by uniting its diverse cultural heritage on one platform, thus making it accessible to you. Be it the colours of Rajasthan or the flavour of Assam, the simplicity of Himachal or the elegance of Kerala - Shimply provides you an opportunity to explore them all, thanks to the exclusive works of those master artisans who pour their heart and soul in preserving this diverse tradition of incredible India. You may not know them personally but their craft speaks for their immense dedication and is a true reflection of their own self.

So if you want to possess something unique, one of its kind, come and experience the temptation of making one of these beautifully crafted products your own. Shop for Long skirts and Kota sarees from Rajasthan, Uppada and Gadwal handloom sarees from Andhra Pradesh, Moradabad Brass Art from Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabadi pearl jewellery from Telangana, Tanjore Paintings from Tamil Nadu, Bengal Tant Sarees from West Bengal, Cane & bamboo handicrafts from Assam, Kolhapuri chappals from Maharashtra, books in Malayalam and so on.

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