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About Punjabi Chura Online

Chura is a set of bangles, which are usually of red and white color. Mostly only two colors are included in a set of chura. They are worn by the bride on the wedding day. It has its origin in Punjab, in North India. Both Hindu and Sikh families follow this tradition. Traditional Punjabi chura is made of ivory, with inlay work. But now you also get chura made of plastic.

There is chura ceremony, which is conducted in the morning of the wedding day or the day before it. Chura Punjabi is given to the bride by her maternal uncle and aunty and consists of 21 bangles in red and white ivory. The bride is not allowed to see the chura till she is fully dressed and sits at the wedding venue with the groom. Earlier, the bride had to wear this for at least one year. But now it is reduced to one month or 40 days. Wedding Chura is also considered very auspicious for marital bliss.

Among traditional families, on the first wedding anniversary, the in-laws of the bride will arrange a small party and take off the chura. These are then put in river water after a small prayer. The bride is then given glass bangles to wear. Punjabi suhag chura is typically red and white in color and this signifies the status of a married woman. It is worn for the well being of the husband and is a sign of prosperity and fertility.

A verity of chura designs are available so that a set that matches well with the wedding dress can be chosen. .

Nowadays brides have started wearing different colored bangles instead of only red and white bangles. So, you can see brides wearing pink, purple, orange and many other colored bangles. The number of bangles (also popularly known as bridal chura) also varies according to the preference of the bride. 

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