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Assam Store

Its diversity may surprise you, its beauty may mesmerize you and its flavour may get you completely hooked. So hurry up and get on board, now Assam is just one click away from you.

About Assam Store Online

Assam Store makes it possible for you to get the handicrafts of Assam and also various fabrics, jewelleries and books by famous authors. Assam store is a mini Assam and you get all those items that are produced in Assam. The books at Assam store consists of autobiographies, travelogues, children’s books, as well as books on baby care, successful marriage, finance and money management, network marketing, cookery, health care and so on. These books are written in Assamese language and you also get translations in other languages. Panchatantra is a collection of books for children, narrating them different stories and providing them the values of life.

There is also a wide collection of flower vases, jugs, cups, trays, lampshades, masks, wall hangings and many other utilities that you will love to own. Many of them are made with bamboo and cane and are so crafted that they make your home a beautiful place to live in. The masks are made of wood and hanging them on the wall makes your living room very attractive. The pen stands are available in a number of designs. Some are shaped like a violin, which children will love to have. Beautiful salt and pepper pots made of wood and bamboo are eco friendly and make your dining table very attractive. Hand woven bamboo elephant head is very elegant and you will love to have it at home or your office. The antique wall lamp is made of bamboo and very charming. It takes you years back when such street lamps were common. Lantern lamp shades are exquisitely designed and unique.

The easiest way to get them is to buy Assam products onlineOnline Assam Store provides you these beautiful handicrafts and books at lower rates and you get them delivered at home within a few days. Assam products online shopping allows you to get exquisite items at affordable prices.