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Car is a road vehicle with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people. Karl Benz invented the modern car in the year 1885, which was called “self moving automobile”.

Car Parts consisting of Chassis, Body (engine room, passenger compartment and the back room), Engine -  which is responsible to convert the chemical energy into a rotation energy to move the car, Transmission system – which control the speed and energy output from the engine, Steering system – allow the driver to control the movement of the car, Brake system – to slow down the car or stop it, Handbrake – to keep the car stationary, Fuel delivery system – to deliver fuel to the cylinders, Exhaust system – to get rid of the exhaust gases, car’s electrical system etc.

Car Accessories consisting of Warning Triangles, Tyre Foam, Hi Visibility Vests, Wheel Wrenches, Tyre Inflators, Car First Aid Kits, Booster Packs, In Car Fire Extinguishers, Fuel Cans, Tow Ropes & Poles Jump Leads, Xenon Conversion Kits, Xenon Fitting Accessories, Replacement Xenon Bulbs, Upgrade Headlamp Bulbs, Daytime Running Lights, Under Car Lighting Kits, Led Bulbs, Fog Lamps & Driving Lights, 12v Multi Adapters, Voltage Converters, Batteries, Mini Cell Batteries, Booster Seats Baby Seats, Children Accessories, Seat Covers, Tailored Car Mats, Potable Fans, Sun Shades, Door Guards, Comfort Accessories, Organisers Car Mats, Gear Knobs, Seat Belt Pads, Tax Disc Holders, Car Air Fresheners, Bucket Seats, Sub Frames, Racing Harness, Wheel Trims, Complete Car Covers, Car Roof, Top Covers, L&P Plates, Safe Fuelling Devices, Number Plate Fixings, Tyre Valve Caps, Travel Accessories, Car Aerials.

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