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Buy Bath Scrubs Online

Scrubs are becoming very essential to use these days. Scrubs are of various kinds, which may include bath scrubs, facial scrub and Spa Scrubs. Bath Scrubs remove the dead layer of cells on skin’s epidermal layer, revealing the younger cells beneath, making skin soft and smooth. Bath Scrubs contain natural oils that moisturise and nourish the skin and essential oils with aromatherapy properties. You can combine scents to relax, soothe, energise or to create a romantic mood. Scrubs may have beads, salts or granules of walnut, almond or oatmeal.

Scrubbing not only helps in exfoliating but also helps in better blood circulation. Massaging and rubbing help oxygen to reach the skin surface, thereby making it glow and shine. Use scrub according to skin type. Be careful if you have a sensitive skin. Use good quality scrub, a poor quality scrub can ruin the skin, making it red, scarred or rashy. Buy best scrubs from brands like St. Ives, Shahnaz husain, VLCC, Richfeel, Biotique, Body shop, Everyuth etc.

Home remedies like brown sugar, lemon, oatmeal, chickpea flour, yogurt, coffee are good natural exfoliants They naturally remove the dead skin and make the skin silky smooth and soft. Pumice stones are also used for scrubbing or scrapping off dead skin.