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Soap is defined as a cleansing agent made from the salts of vegetable or animal fats. 

Scented soaps have a mild fragrance generally of natural elements of flowers and herbs. The scent can be added artificially which is called ester or naturally by adding perfumed organic oils. Using organic soaps help in retaining the natural oils of the skin, they are eco friendly and are healthy. They are not tested on animals. Natural soaps are exclusively available as organic or khadi which come in many variants like aloe, oats, peppermint, coconut oIl, cinnamon, olive oil, goat's milk, almond oil, sunflower seeds and petals, wild horsemint, wild yucca root, moroccon red clay, unrefined african shea butter, rose , neem, lavender, jasmine and many more.

Soaps for men and women are different. Men and Women have different skin related needs. Men have a thicker and a more sweaty and oily skin than women. Men' s soap has a strong masculine fragrance whereas women's soap has mild feminine fragrance.

The concept of soaps in recent times has given way to face wash and body wash which are most widely used these days. Except for soaps like Lux, Lifebuoy, Hamam and a few more, most soaps have disappeared in the modern world. However, herbal soaps like those from Lush and Khadi are also a favourite of some who prefer natural ways.

Soaps Blogs

Hand Made Soap Vs Commercial Face Wash The lifestyle of today’s world takes a toll on our skin. The most prone is the face which is the easiest target as it faces maximum exposure. Naturally, you need something to wash off the dirt and impurities stuck to your face throughout the day. It is very important to do so because the impurities can get trapped in your pores and cause various skin problems like acne etc. You need to have a good cleanser to remove these harmful particles............