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Baby Bath Essentials

Bathing a baby is always a fun but make sure that it’s safe. A few important items are all that are mandatory to ensure bath time is delightful for baby and parents. No matter which bath articles and bathing techniques are used, the most essential rule for giving any baby a bath is to never leave a baby unattended in or near the water.

Bath Time for Newborns

Childcare experts advise parents and caretakers to give sponge baths to newborns only until their umbilical cord shed’s off, which generally takes place within 2 weeks of birth. To perfectly sponge bathe a new born, find a plain surface in a warm surrounding.

Bathtubs for Infants

Once the newborn’s umbilical stump shed’s off, he or she is waiting for a full bath. Although a basin works fine for bathing a kid until he or she is bigger, many parents/caretakers prefer to buy a  child bathtub. These tubs are small in size and are portable, and many are designed to adjust over a sink or inside a sink or a tub.

Skin and Hair Products

Soaps contain elements that can be drying and irritating to a newborn’s sensitive skin. Doctors recommend using hypoallergenic, aroma-free bath products made especially for babies. Shampoos those are eye caring are preferable and recommended.

Bath Time Accessories

The tender babies are often adequately entertained just by being in the water, but as toddler’s grow, many caretakers opt to purchase bath toys designed especially for infants. There are several products in the market that add safety to bath time. Though care and caution should always be taken when bathing a baby, these products can act as an extra help in your baby’s security.

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