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Aroma Magic Anti Acne Calamine Pack - pack of 3

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Aroma Magic Anti Acne Calamine Pack - pack of 3

+ See Aroma Magic Anti Acne Calamine Pack - pack of 3 in Hindi - अरोमा मैजिक विरोधी मुँहासे Calamine पैक - 3 के पैक Please Note:All products sold on Shimply are brand new and 100% genuine. International Customers, please see details


Manufacturer Aroma Magic
Brand This product is available from Aroma Magic
Weight The Weight of this product is 60 Ml
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Acne Causes and EffectsAcne or pimples is not something new. Almost all people are familiar with the annoying zits that occur anytime, anywhere. Though people with oily skin are more prone to acne, it can occur to anyone. Acne is basically a disorder related to oil glands which are present beneath the skin.
Ayurvedic Herbs To Get Rid Of AcneAyurveda acknowledges acne as the disorder relating to rakht (blood) which makes up one of the seven tissues or dhatus. Acne occurs when there is an imbalance in all three biological energies. These energies or doshas administer the functioning of our body and mind and are vata, pitta and kapha.
Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Acne TreatmentAyurveda has devised its system of healthcare where it follows a natural and holistic approach towards the treatment of a disease or disorder. Earlier confined to learned saints and sadhus, a lot of people have now access to this rich heritage of healthcare. Ayurvedic medicines have minimum to no side effects on the body.
Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations to Prevent Acne and PimplesAcne affects the best of us. Trust me when I say this, acne is one of the most popular skin disorder people face. It is formed due to clogged follicle which is filled with dead skin cells, sebum (secretion from oil gland) and sometimes hair. Many factors result in acne.
Say No To Acne The Organic WayAcne!! The word holds the power to scare any girl. It is one of the most common skin problems one faces. Of course, we have all had acne back when we were going through puberty. Our hormonal levels were changing and this caused acne breakouts and pimples.

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