Use a body power to feel fresh and say no to sweating. 

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Powder is of great importance. Powders are of two types - face powders and body powders. Face powder refers to the cosmetic product which is used for enhancing the look of the face and also helps in makes the skin smooth. It is a grooming powder which is used to make the face shiner and fair. It may be used separately or in combination with liquid foundation. Body powder or talcum powder is made from combinations of tapioca flour, rice flour, kaolin, arrowroot powder and orrisroot powder.

Cost, size of the powder and gender also matters while buying the body powder.

While buying the body powder, always ensure that the powder brand must be of recognized cosmetic company. There are wide varieties of colors available in body powders because of different skin tones. Several types of powder are also available according to genders. The most common among all is talc or baby powder which is absorbent and provides the scented smell and toning quality to the skin.