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Using a scrub on the skin can surely give you a skin you always aimed for. Scrub your body to get rid of clogged impurities, dead skin which makes you look dull and reveal a new skin which is fresh, smooth and soft.

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Scrubs are very commonly used in our beauty and bath regime. Scrubs have beads or coarse ingredients which not only remove dead skin but also help in removing blackheads. Scrubbing the skin gives a smooth and freckle free skin. The dirt and oil gets clogged in our skin pores which results in acne and other skin problems. It is however very important to clean skin deeply. A body scrub deeply removes all impurities clogged in skin pores and makes the skin breathe. As scrub has a cream base, it cleans body and moisturizes it as well.

Scrubbing helps in relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation. So scrubbing is good for both outer and inner body. While using scrubs, there is no need of soaps and bodywash. 

Home remedies like oatmeal and curd scrub, apricot and walnut scrub, neem and turmeric scrub are very efficient in removing dead skin and treating skin problems. Moreover, these organic products naturally add glow to the face and body making it radiant. Many leading brands manufacture good scrubs. Himalaya, Lakme, Everyuth, Bodyshop are amongst few. Scrubs are available for face and hands too. They are different from an ordinary body scrub.

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