Sometimes uneven tone skin and tan can be embarrasing. One needs a fair and a even complexioned face and skin, fairness creams can give you desired results which will make you look awesome.

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One may appear darker due to increased Melanin, tanning or may be due to some other related reasons. The skin looks dull and uneven. Then the option of bleaching and using fairness creams arises. With age, pigmentation also affects the complexion of our face. Fairness creams are formulated in such a way that they cover up the skin giving a fair tone or complexion. They give one or more brighter shade to the skin. They cover up the tan, birthmarks, spots or blemishes. 

Fairness creams or fairness lotions are available for all skin types. oily, normal and dry. Nowadays fairness creams are packed with sunscreens for extra and long lasting protection. Fairness creams for men are available. Men's skin is different from that of women. They have a more oily and thick skin.

Fairness creams however should not be misunderstood, they only cover up the face and not eventually brighten the shades from deep beneath the skin. A fairness product cannot alter the Melanin in one's skin. 

A person can also achieve subtle sheen and fairness by using lemon and sugar. It helps in removing tan and lighting up skin. Similarly, potato and tomato juice also act as natural bleaching agents.

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