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Unwanted hair on body like hair on arms, legs and armpits can be very embarrassing. One can remove hair without pain with hair removal creams within minutes without messing up with wax or threading.

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Hair removal creams remove hair without any pain. Hair removal creams work on the principle of Depilation. Depilation means removing hair from the surface of skin and not uprooting them. Removal of hair from roots is called Epilation. A process of epilation may include waxing. threading, tweezing, plucking etc.

Hair remover creams come as aerosol, tubes or roll ons. Hair removal creams, if not used properly or without adhering to the manufacturer's instructions, can leave the skin inflammated and itchy. Hair removal creams should be applied with a spatula or even with fingers. A thick paste should be applied as it will remove hair properly and not in patches. If someone has a sensitive skin, they can go for creams which have aloe vera and green tea extracts. They soothe the skin and do not leave the skin red and itchy.

Hair removal creams are preferrable on limbs and armpits. Generally not suited for facial and pubic hair. Different hair removal creams come for those areas. Hair removal creams are available for both men and women. Men have thicker hair than women so they need strong formulation creams. One can go for scented creams to avoid the eggy smell of ordinary hair removal creams. 

One can also go for hair removal wax and remove unwanted hair using waxing. The hair growth happens at a slower rate if hair is removed via waxing compared to hair removal using creams like Veet,

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