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Buy Fragrances Online

By fragrances, we just don't mean a desirable smell but a whole range of fragrances we encounter in our daily lives. Examples of fragrances are perfumes, attars, deodorants, room fresheners. These fragrances can be excellent gifts, adored by everyone whether young or old, men or women.

Attars are undiluted fragrances made with spices, herbs, plants and flowers. They are aromatic oils infused in a solution and is thus called Attar. Perfumes are aldehydes and alcohol base fragrances which last for a long time. Deodorants tend to prevent sweating and bad odour from body, it has anti-perspirant too which is made up of aluminium phosphate particles.

Air fresheners are for rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even for cars. They remove unwanted smell and diffuse pleasant fragrance in th air. 

Fragrances tend to relieve stress, light up mood, boost energy level and confidence in humans. It is believed that they create a sexual drive too in human beigns. Good for relations and over all well being.