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Buy Perfumes Online

Perfumes are liquids which are fragranted especially. They are traditionally prepared by aromatic oils extracted from flowers, spices, leaves etc. It is applied on body, behind ears, on neck armpits etc to give a pleasant smell. Perfumes today are artificially made by esters which are carbonic in nature. Perfumes were also used in many therapies like the one very popular Aromapathy which helps in relieving stress and tension. It relaxes muscles and nerves, even improves blood circulation. Perfume particles when reach our nose, trigger our hormones and stimulate our senses. Make us more confident and boosts energy levels. Sometimes it also happens that we unintentionally make a favourable impression of someone who smells nice and we become sceptical of someone who smells bad. In fact, people get attracted to those who smell awesome or good. 

For some people, perfumes are also a style statement. Wearing a particular perfume gives a sense of pride to them and becomes a status symbol. 

Perfumes for women and men are both available. The fragrances are very different. Fragrances also differ according to seasons. Fragrances like citrus, fruity, woody, mushy, oceanic are very common.

You can get an idea of the extent of commercialisation of perfumes by looking at the different kinds of perfume bottles. With different bottle designs and patterns, perfumes are not just about the smell these days but their aesthetic appeal is also what attracts the customer, especially the women audience.