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Buy Hair Colors Online

Hair Colors are very popular. Hair Color is used for altering the shade of hair. Hair colouring is an old art which was generally done to cover up the greying of hair. When melanin starts declining in our hair, hair tends to become white and pale. With age and hormonal imbalance, the hormone is not secreted in sufficient quantities which results in premature greying and discolouration.The chemical compounds present in hair colours make the hair dark. The most active ingredient which is used for darkening hair is acetate. 

Hair colour has two major pigments, namely enumelanin and pheomelanin. If concentration of eumelanin is higher, the darker the colour and if less, the colour will be lighter. Various colourful dyes are added to make the hair colours more vibrant and diversified. These dyes are also chemical compounds.

Organic hair colours are also available. They have herbs and organic compounds which naturally colour the hair without any harm. Many products of Patanjali, Purenaturals and Khadi are very famous.

When you go to buy the Hair Colors, make sure that it is of good quality. Colouring of hair comes with many problems like brittle hair, fading, hairfall. Take extra care, use hair treatments and hair care products to maintain the colour and health of hair.

Hair Colors Blogs

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