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Henna refers to a reddish-brown dye which is made from the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub and is used to color the hair. It is also applied on the hands as well as arms and legs. Other variations of henna are Black henna and neutral henna. 

Mehendi in Indian tradition is applied usually during the special weddings and festivals like karva chauth, diwali, bhai dooj and teej. Many women apply mehendi on their hands, feet and sometimes on the back of shoulders. Men also apply mehendi on their arms, legs, back and chest to cool the nerves and to relieve the stress. It is naturally coolant.

Henna for hair is known as black henna. Henna is applied to hair for about half an hour and then rinsed. Henna seals the oil into your hair, leaving it conditioned and shiny. After a henna treatment, the hairs become more lustrous, having fewer frizzes and a healthy shine. Besides getting a wonderful texture, henna is applied to get a nice colour i.e., reddish brown. In some cases, it also helps in reducing the dandruff or flakes. Prevents lice and other parasitical infections on scalp and hair.

Henna Blogs

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