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Buy Eyeshadow Pencil Online

Eyebrow Pencil refers to a brow pencil which is shaped like a normal pencil. It contains soft black material used in makeup instead of lead. It was invented to enhance brows. The tip of the eyebrow pencil is pointed and soft for applying on the eyebrows. Eyebrow pencils are small in length and width which makes it easy to hold and use as the eyebrow area is small too. Sharp its tip before using it, it will give proper definition to the brows.

Today, a lot women are working, they lack time to get threading and waxing done on regular basis. They might pluck some of their brows. But enhancement cannot be done by simply plucking them. Eyebrow pencils help them in shaping and enhancing them. Eyebrow pencils fills, shapes and alters the brows according to needs and shape of face and eyes. Thickly arched shaped eyebrows can be created, smooth arched etc. A particular eyebrow pencil color has to be chosen suiting the skin tone so that it does not look weird on face.

Buy a suitable eyebrow pencil for best results. Taupe gives dark brows, blacks, light browns for lighter shade etc. A jet black eyebrow pencil should not be used as it makes the eyebrows look artificial.

How to Choose an Eyebrow Pencil

A major feature of the face is the eyebrows. Emphasizing and shaping eyebrows is an essential part of eye makeup. Everybody has a unique type of eyebrow which can be generalized into categories as per skin tone, hair color, volume and length of eyebrow and of course its usage. Shimply cares for you and, here on its platform, it is trying to provide you the best Eyebrow Pencil that will make you feel confident as ever.

As per Hair Color:

Eyebrow Pencil for Blondes

It is good to try a pencil, which is one shade darker than the natural color of hair. Mn Perfect Waterproof & Longlasting Eyebrow Pencil is a good option as it stays smudge free for longer hours.

Eyebrow Pencil for Redhead

Medium brown or taupe color is a suitable Eyebrow Pencil for redheads.

Eyebrow Pencil for Brunettes

Choose an Eyebrow Pencil for brunettes which is one shade lighter than the original color of your hair. 

Eyebrow Pencil for Black Eyebrows

Try to avoid black shade Eyebrow Pencil for black eyebrows, rather try dark brown shade eyebrow pencil. One should use light brown shade Eyebrow Pencil for auburn hair.

As per Skin Tone:

Eyebrow Pencil for Indian skin

Eyebrow pencil is a must cosmetic for eye makeup. MIB Eye Brow Pencil helps to define the eyebrows of all types of Indian skin color.

Eyebrow Pencil for Asians

Eyebrow Pencil for Asians is easy to choose, but most important is the technique to apply it correctly. First, you need to check the shape of your eyebrows and if needed, then pluck stray hairs. Start applying the eyebrow pencil as per your face shape. Extend the length of eyebrows in case of long and elongated face, but sharp eyebrows will help in balancing the round face. Lakme Black EyeBrow Pencil is best suited for defining and filling in eyebrows. It gives you a perfectly groomed look. Lakme Dual Sharpener helps in sharpening the eyebrow pencil lid perfectly. It is easy for new users to apply and looks trendy among college going girls.

As per Length:

Eyebrow Pencil for Sparse Brows

Lakme Black Eyebrow Pencil is an eyebrow pencil for hair growth as it highlights the eyebrows perfectly. First cleanse your face thoroughly, remove excess moisture and apply powder with a cotton puff.

Eyebrow Pencil for No Eyebrows

Eyebrow Pencil for no eyebrows will allow the eyebrow filling in its shape and it will stay for longer duration. You may need Lakme Dual Sharpener to sharpen your eyebrow pencil for bringing it to a fine point. Kent TWMU1 Angled Eyebrow Brush is useful to fill the brow position.

As per Usage:

Eyebrow Pencil for Swimming

Swimmers who are looking for long lasting, waterproof and smudge proof eyebrow pencil, Mn Perfect Waterproof & Long lasting Eyebrow Pencil is a decent option. It is affordable and travel friendly without any irritation to the eyes. It will help your face look bright and refreshing even after coming out of the pool. The eyebrow pencil has a smooth structure and it helps in giving precise lines.