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Buy Mascaras Online

Mascara refers to a cosmetic preparation which is generally used for making the eyes pretty. It is used for thickening, darkening, lengthening and/or defining the eyelashes. It also makes the eyes colorful and you can also curl them. Mascara is normally sold as a liquid cosmetic in a tube and applied with a round brush which is known as a wand. Mascara brands are of three forms – liquid, cake or cream. The fundamental components of mascara consist of pigments, oils, waxes and preservatives.

The technique of applying mascara consists of these steps -  the mascara should be applied with a round brush. After opening the mascara, always wipe the end of the mascara applicator on the inside edge of the mascara tube to remove the excess of it. With a stable hand, place the mascara wand at the root of your eyelashes. Then lightly drag the wand up to the end of your lashes and lightly move the wand back and forth to detach the lashes and it also helps in preventing the lumps.

Mascara is available from leading brands like Marc Jacobs, Blue Heaven, L’Oreal , Revlon, Lotus, Lakme, Chambor, Stila and many more.

If the mascara wears out or turns clumsy, then add a few drops of saline solution to it. Do not throw the wands of mascara or mascara brush, clean them and use them as eyebrow or eyelash brushes.

Mascaras for Sensitive eyes

For sensitive eyes, it is not easy to choose an eye makeup tool like liner and mascara. One wrong swipe will make your eyes inflamed and teary. So be cautious while selecting your Mascaras. Lotus Herbals Ecostay Volumising Mascara is natural and authentic. It does not burn and irritate your eyes. It helps in adding volume to the eyelashes. Its herbal content makes it good mascara for contacts. Lotus Herbals Maxlash Volumizing Botanical Mascara is free from strong chemicals and preservatives which makes it healthy for everyday use.


Mascaras for Thin and Sparse lashes

Maybelline New York Magnum Barbie Mascara - pack of 2 comes in yellow tube and, as the name suggests, it gives a look of Barbie’s eyes to your eyes. It is highly advised mascara for thin lashes as in two coats it gives the black look to the lashes. Revlon Water Tight Mascara is the best mascara for sparse lashes as it enhances your eyelashes and makes the lashes stronger. Loreal Mascaras for length and Loreal Mascaras for volume L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara will make your thin eyelashes look dark and thick. Their different sized bristle makes it easier to apply to the lashes. 


Mascaras for Length, Volume and Thickness

Faces Glam On Volume Perfect Mascara is the perfect mascara for Length. Its repeated use gives volume to the eyelashes and makes your lashes look thick. This mascara for volume and thickness gives a dark black color to the lashes which make you look impressive. Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara defines each lash separately as it is a mascara for length and volume. It’s easy to apply as it comes in spiral tapered brush. Maybelline Mascaras for length Maybelline Volum Express, Hyper Curl Mascara gives a curly look to the lashes and make them soft and shiny. Maybelline Mascaras for volume Maybelline Volum Express Falsies Mascara - Black Washable keeps the eyes look simple and natural without making the eyelids too heavy.


Mascaras for Short eyelashes

Walk Free Mascara (Water Proof Long Lash) Yellow Packing gives a perfect look to the short eyelashes. Always use less mascara for the lower lashes and let it dry before you start applying the second coat. You should start from where the eyelashes touch the rim of the eyelid and slowly stroke downside. It will make your eyes feel relaxed and free from irritation. Maybelline Mascaras for short lashes Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara Waterproof, Black, 9.2 Ml gives double benefits to the eyes. One, it is a mascara for short lashes as it gives a look of long eyelashes by separating each lash and another is the volume it instantly provides to the lashes. Loreal Mascaras for short lashes L'oreal Paris Voluminous Papillon Waterproof Mascara gives dark black color and volume to give you a look of heavy eyelashes.


Mascara for Long Lashes

Mascara for long lashes or eyelash extension Faces Mascara, Black gives a high volume to the lashes and make the lashes look beautiful.  Lotus Herbals Maxlash Volumizing Botanical Mascara does not let the long eyelashes break. It's a perfect mascara for eyelash extension. It gives the eyes a bold and dark black look. Maybelline mascaras for volume and length Maybelline Vex Falsies Washable Mascara has a smooth texture which makes it easy to apply. Loreal Mascaras for volume and length L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara is the perfect solution for growth enhancement of lashes and it will make the eyes look mesmerizing.


Mascaras for Asian Lashes

Asian women look incomplete without eye makeup. Mascara and eyeliner become the most important part of making eye lashes look impressive and beautiful. Shahnaz Husain Shalash –Mascara is in itself a recognized brand among Asian females. It gives a shiny and bright look to the eyes. Everybody wants black and bold eyes, which are easy with Deborah Absolute Hi Tech Mascara Black color. In a single stroke, you can get amazing and refreshing eyes. It is travel friendly and its texture is specially designed to hold it tight without getting slipped.


Mascaras for Redheads

MUA Brow Define - Tinted Brow Mascara Dark Brown is best when applied highlights the natural shade of your eyes and make the eyelashes look shiny. It emphasizes more on the eyebrows and makes your lashes beautiful and attractive. It gives a natural look by adding volume to the eyelashes. Apply the mascara gently downward and after applying the first coat, let the lashes dry. It is smudge proof and sweat proof so that you can be tensed free for the whole day. L'oreal Paris Youth Code Skin Illuminator moisturizer will help your skin to stay safe from sunburns.


Mascaras for Straight lashes

L'oreal Paris Voluminous Papillon Waterproof Mascara is good for straight eyelashes as when applied it straighten the lashes to corner. It lasts long with no signs of smudge and lumps. It volumises the eyelashes and makes them stronger with each day application. Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara & Artisto Kajal Combo is an authentic, affordable and trusted formula with eyeliner cum kajal and mascara. Start applying Avon Mascara for volume Avon Super Shock Max Waterproof Mascara with the upper lid and move the brush upward. It will make your lashes flattering.     

Mascaras for Swimming

Revlon Bold Lacquer Water Proof Mascara is best for taking a dip in the pool without raccoon eyes. Its water proof formula will help the eyes look beautiful for longer hours. It makes your eyelashes curl because of its brush texture.  Faces Ultimate Pro Waterproof Gel Mascara adds volume to the eyelashes and stays smudge proof in water. In one application, it separates the lashes and your eyes look fresh.