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Buy Face Makeup Online

Face makeup is very important makeup as it is actually the most visible and vibrant form of makeup. Face makeup can be used to hide imperfections, highlight features or to give an alteration or change to the face. Face makeup items include eyeliner, kajal or kohl, mascara, false lashes, eyebrow pencils, foundation, CC creams, Face powder or compact, bronzers, rouges, eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners or definers, concealers, primer etc.

Foundation creates a base for makeup, it makes skin smooth and even tone. Primer or concealer hides dark spots, blemishes and dark circles. Kajal defines eyes, mascara makes lashes fuller, thicker and darker. One can even put false lashes or curl the real lashes with a lash curler for best results.

Highlight and darken the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil, bronzers and blushes accentuate face features. It highlights cheek bones. Lipsticks add tint to lips and lip liners define them keeping them in place.

Use face makeup products according to the skin type. Blend the foundation and eyeshadows properly. Try applying face powder and foundation in downward direction for best results. One can use a business card for applying mascara on upper lashes for best curls, it will not submerge with the eyeshadow and for lower lashes use a plastic spoon as a base for awesome curls. Heat the curler with hair dryer for long lasting curls.

Match base with your face tone, failing to do that can make you look awful and can create a fashion blunder.

For fuller lips and to create pout, define lips with liner, shape them and then apply lipstick. Apply a lip balm before applying lipstick as it keep the lipstick longer and lips will not look flaky too.

Use of natural makeup for face is also popular.