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Buy Blushes Online

Blush is an important part of face makeup which hides the weak points on face. Everyone does not have a perfect face shape or skin. Applying or dabbing blush accentuates cheekbones and gives a new dimension to the face hiding flaws and imperfections. Cream blush is suitable for dry skin, it comprises of oil components. It should be applied with the help of fingers, starting from cheekbones and then reaching up and backward.

Dust blush is usually suitable for all skin types. Those having an oily face should apply it as it stays longer. Powder blusher is best applied after the face powder. Since it is very dense, it stays on peak and adds a translucent glow to the face. Beige or cocoa are good for cheekbones and temples and for contouring the edges of nose. 

The Gel blush adds a sheer glow on the face.The cheek pencils are for the beginners. But those who have an oily skin should not use cheek pencils as they contain extra moisturizers and emollients which helps them in blending.

Buy a good quality blush, poor quality can harm the skin. Buy best blush from Revlon, Lakme, Lotus, MAC, Maybelline, Blue Heaven and many more.