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Buy Foundation Online

Foundation is used to even out the tone of face and rest of the body to cover or hide blemishes, spots, scars, birthmarks, discolouration,  tan etc.

Foundation Cream acts a base for the makeup. It is sometimes used to lighten the skin tones. Foundations are made with emollient (petroleum, beeswax, lanoline) with pigments added. But now foundations are available as alcohol base, water base, powder base, mineral base, oil base, silicone base.  Buy best foundation powder or cream based on its opacity like sheer which is the most transparent and has least amount of pigment 8%-13%. Light foundation makeup which covers uneveness and has pigment of 13%-18%. Medium covers freckles, red marks left by acne, having 18%-23% of pigment. One can use fingers, sponge or use foundation brush to apply foundation. Blend it completely, have a smooth even finish. 

Before applying foundation, wash your face, pat it dry, moisturize, apply foundation with a help of brush, sponge or just with fingertips, gently blend in rolling motion or in a downward slope, conceal blemishes and redness, and then set for the rest of the makeup like blush or eye shadow or keep it very basic like that.

Buy best foundation online from brands like lakme, maybelline, MAC, revlon, chambor, lancome, clinique, lotus etc. Use a good quality foundation which matches the skin tone and texture.