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Lips become dry, chapped and dark.This can be due to harmful effects of  sunrays, smoking , frequently licking of lips, drinking dehydrating beverages like tea and coffee, vitamin deficiency or due to medications. Lipsticks can be the perfect solution to keep the lips tinted, lustrous and hydrated.

Lipstick is applied on the lips to give a color to them. There are different types of Lipstick shades - some are matte, sheer or glossy.

Nude lipstick refers to a lipstick which is close to the person’s natural skin tone. Depending on an individual’s skin tone, nude colors consists of pale colors that are close to white, medium tones and light to medium browns for those with dark skin.

Those who want a natural look may want a nude lipstick. Some magazines show models wearing nude lipstick who have applied smoky or very dark eye makeup. These two combinations may complement each other.

Red lipstick is the most popular and favourite amongst women of all class and age. Browns became popular in 1990s. Black coloured lipsticks also paved their way into market. Pinks, peaches and orange are shades which are famous among young girls. Marilyn Monroe increased the popularity of Maroon lipsticks. Shades of plums are also in demand.

There are many varieties of lipstick colors available in market. The most popular lipstick brands are lakme, Color Bar, Revlon, Blue Heaven and Maybelline. 

Lipsticks Blogs

What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About Your Personality? For all the fashion conscious people, lipsticks are not just something that they put on to look more appealing but they are much more than that. They define their very personality and style. Wondering, how? Well, lipsticks come in different shades and colors. Each shade conveys a different meaning and tells something special about your personality........