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Buy Makeup Kit Online

Makeup kit refers to a box or a bag that consists of complete cosmetic products which are used for improving the appearance of the face. Some of the makeup kit items include foundation that evens skin tone, concealer that is used for hiding the marks, scars and blemishes on the face, face powder that sets your foundation, blush or rouge which adds hue to the face, eyeshadow which is used on the eyelids just above the eyes, liner on upper eyelids, kajal is used on the lower eyelids, lipstick and lipgloss for adding shine, luster and color to the lips. A mascara for adding volume to lashes, moisturizer for soft and supple skin, hair gels and creams for smoothening or giving different texture to hair. Hair sprays, nail paints, perfumes, deodorants and colognes are also part of makeup kit box.

The bridal makeup kit is very popular. This makeup kit includes the primer, foundation, face powder- compact, concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow primer/base, eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, kajal, mascara, lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss. For Indian brides, this makeup kit bag even includes Sindoor or kumkum, bindi or a whole range of solah shringar.

Always buy products in makeup kit according to the skin type. Different products for oily, dry and sensitive skin are widely available. Never sleep without removing makeup as it may result in skin breakout or acne, rashes etc.