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Buy Nail Polish Online

Nail paint design or nail polish design ranges from basic colors like yellow or blue to fashionable designs like animal print and mixed metallic colors. .

Nail polishes are of four types. The first type is the base coat. It is a clear, milky-colored or opaque pink polish formula that is used particularly before applying nail polish to the nail. Second type includes the top coat which is clear colored nail paint, used particularly after applying the nail polish to the nail. Third is the gel type which is painted on the nail similar to the traditional nail paint and does not dry until it is cured under an ultraviolet lamp. The fourth type includes the matte which is a regular polish that has no shine.

There are certain benefits of nail polish. First, it helps in fixing the short, bad or damaged nails. Second, it also helps in preventing people from biting their nails and breaking of nails. Last but not the least, nail polishes are used as a stylish and decorative accessory to a nail. By applying colors and design to the nails, the nails look stylish.

While buying nail polish online or offline, always ensure it is of good quality, poor quality products can ruin the health of nails. Nail polish designs beautify your fingernails and toenails, leaving the skin of the nails sharp, nice and fashionable. Nail polish makes the nail look classy. Make sure that you apply coats properly, let the first coat dry then apply another one. Try new styles monochrome, nudes, gold and silver and ever favourite red and black.

Nail Polish for Women

To decorate the hand nails and toe nails, women wear nail polish of different colors. It is a tough decision to select the best nail polish color everyday that can complete your appearance. The best way is to decide nail polish shades as per your skin tone, length of the nails and occasion.

Nail Polish for Dark Skin

It becomes tough to choose a nail polish for tan skin at times. So, you can wear either pastel color nail polish Faces Hi Shine Nail Enamel Pastel Moov 43 or purple shade Revlon Nail Enamel Royal Purple 469 Nail Polish. Both nail polish shades will complement your tanned and dark skin tones. In fact, almost every red Revlon Nail Enamel Revlon Red 418 Nail Polish embraces the dark skin tone and is used as a nail polish for tan feet. A classic Lakme Nail Polish for Dark Skin Lakme True Wear Nail Color Limited Edition will truly rejuvenate your complexion. You can make your hands and feet look gorgeous by applying colors having high impact.

Nail Polish for Short Nails

There is always a debate related to nail polish shades for short nails. If you are inclined towards dark shades, then you can choose colorful nail paints like Faces Splash Nail Enamel Atomic Orange 18 but it can make your nail look shorter. Smart way to make the short nails look bigger is to leave the edges of the nails from painting. You can try transparent colors after manicure as transy shade demands high attention to look flawless and impeccable. Pastel colors act as a bridge between dark and transparent shades. All you need to do is to apply a base Revlon Nail Enamel Pink Glitter 354 Nail Polish and after it gets dry, apply second coat, naturally.

Nail Polish for Long Nails

Long Nails seem to be beautiful when they are cleansed and moisturized properly. You can apply shade as per your choice that suits your dress. The tips of the nails are more exposed, therefore they should be taken care of properly. Faces Hi Shine Nail Enamel Frosty Ice Blue 51 will make the nails look cool without harming them. Dark Nail Polish shades will equally look beautiful on long nails.

Nail Polish for Nail Art

To make your nails colorful, bright and shiny, you can use nail polish for nail art. Jayhari 12 Shades 6 Two Way Nail Art Polish With Glitter will help your nails look smart and trendy amongst the crowd. You need to first clean your nails thoroughly and then apply the nail art polish. Let it dry and then you can flaunt your hands and feet.

Nail Polish for Kids

Kids have a general tendency to copy their moms, especially, in applying cosmetics. One of the reasons to get attracted towards cosmetics is colors. Baby Girls and baby boys both choose bright shades to make their skin beautiful. The nail polish shades like red, blue, yellow, pink, green commonly influence the kids. Red shade Lakme True Wear Nail Color Limited Edition will make the small hands look cute and colorful. Lotus Make Up Ecostay™ Nail Enamels Jade Green E49 10ml, Lotus Make Up Ecostay™ Nail Enamels Blue Pearl E51 10ml blue and green color are eco-friendly and they will not harm the soft nails.