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About Food from States online

India is well known for having a host of food varieties to offer. You will find various delicacies made in each state, which are quite famous all over the country as well as overseas. Indian foods are made using some of the best spices and ingredients which will make you lick your finger. For instance, Assam is quite famous for its Assam tea, which is sold throughout the nation. Likewise, food of Kerala is made up of various Kerala spices and can be relished anytime. If you happen to visit kerela, don’t forget to indulge in some Kerala foods, if you are an ardent food lover.

People from all over the country visit Tamilnadu for its scenic beauty as well as Tamilnadu foods. They are made with some unusual methods. Their main delicacies are dosas, uttapam, idli, sambhar and rasam which are made using Tamilnadu spices. Coming towards north, there people who are known to eat spicy and food which is quite appealing to eyes as well. You can try out food which uses Kashmir spices, as it is extensively used in food made there. You can also indulge in sweet dishes there which makes use of Kashmir saffron.

India has been successful in preserving its taste and culture, blessed with an awesome climate, India boasts of some of the spices of India which are grown only in our country. You can anytime trust Indian spices for their taste and flavor. Various delicacies which are made in our country choose some of the rare spices in India. Relish the flavor of a host of cuisines made in our country. Spices India has earned reputation all through the world.

Try to indulge in such food varieties which you will not find in any other country. Make best use of our culture and varied spices grown. All these factors, makes India one of the top exporters of spices all over the world.