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About Assam Tea Online

Assam tea is made from the plant Camellia sinensis var. Assamica. This is black tea and since it is grown in Assam, it got the name Assam tea. Most of these plants are grown near the sea level and it has a strong bright color and malty flavor. It is noted for its body and briskness. Assam tea and blends of Assam Tea are sold as ‘breakfast tea’ also. Irish breakfast is an example, which is made from small sized Assam tea leaves. This tea is maltier and stronger.

Assam is the largest tea producing region in the world. It has as much as 10 to 12 inches of rain per day in the monsoon season. The day time temperature reaches as high as 40 degree Celsius. All these are ideal for the growth of tea bushes. Assam and Southern China are the only two regions in the world that have native tea plants and Assam is the second commercial tea producing region. Although Assam is best known for its black teas, you also find Assam green tea and white tea with characteristics distinct to them.

Assam Tea history dates back to 1823, when a Scottish adventurer Robert Bruce found tea bushes in Assam. He died soon and was not able to classify the plant. Later, in the early 1830s, his brother Charles examines some leaves of Assam tea bush taken from the Botanical gardens in Calcutta. The plant was then identified as a variety of tea and was named Camellia sinensis. This is different from the variety of tea in China

The British East India Company however adhered to the Chinese variety and imported Chinese tea makers and China seeds to Assam to substitute Assam tea bushes. Later on a hybridized version of Assam and Chinese tea plants were most successful and survived in the Assam climate. By late 1830s, large tea plantations were set up by the company in Assam.  

Assam tea is harvested two times in a year – in the first flush and the second flush. The more prized ‘tippy tea’ is got in the second flush. This is named as such because of the gold tip that can be seen on the leaves. This tea is sweeter and fuller and is superior to the first flush tea. 

Assam Tea benefits make it a very healthy choice. It is a great energy booster to star one's day. Some studies even suggest that Assam Tea can even help in fighting cancer due to its highly effective antioxidants. It can help in accelerating one's metabolic rate, thus helping with the weight loss. Assam Tea has an amazing amino acid known as theanine that relaxes one's mind. The presence of minerals and fluoride in the tea gives sweet freshness that inhibits the formation of dental plaque, tooth decay, bad breath, cavities and bacterial infections.The effective anti-oxidants within the Assam tea, that is EGCG, will also help fight flu symptoms.

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