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Buy Footwear Online

Searching for footwear? Here’s a quick guide for men, women and kids.

Men's Shoes

1. Oxfords – The main feature of this shoe is that it has V-shaped slit where laces are attached.

2. Bluchers - Similar looking as Oxford’s, but shoe laces are joined to two pieces of leather that are stitched to vamp.

3. Monk-straps – Shoes that doesn’t have laces, but instead has buckle and strap to secure the shoe around the foot.

4. Brogues – They feature decorative fissure and separations along the visible edges of material. It is primarily used as outdoor footwear.

5. Slip-ons – Shoes that don’t have any procuring mechanism such as lacings or clasping. Most famous shoes of this type are beachcombers and flexible-side shoes.

Women's Shoes

1. High-heeled footwear – Most commonly used in formal opportunities and social outings.

2. Stilettos – This type of heels is very famous among women. It features long and very narrow heel post.

3. Sling-backs – High heeled shoes that are protected not by over the top straps, but ones that go on back of the heel.

4. Mules – Shoes/slippers that have no locks around the ankle but only around the toes and lower part of the feet.

5. Ballet flats – They are popular in warm habitat, and characterize very low and flat heel.

6. Court shoes – Popular high-heeled shoes that can be easily slipped-on.

Kid's Shoes

All the above and below described types are included in the kid's section. Only the size varies, not the features.

Unisex Shoes

1. Sandals – Popular throughout the world as one of the simplest footwear. They feature minimal amount of straps that leave much of the foot bare to the air.

2. Slippers – Used mostly indoors, similar to slippers

3. Platform shoe – It features very thick belly and heels.

4. Boots – Universal foot ware for harsh climate, made from leather or rubber.

5. Slip-on shoe – Casual foot ware that features no laces.

Athletic Shoes (for men, women and kids)

Various sports demand from the user to protect their feet in a specific ways. Some of the most popular shoes for such activities are running shoes, track shoes, climbing shoes and skating shoes.

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