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Kumkumadi Lepam Cream



Kumkumadi Lepam is an ayurvedic cream that makes your skin color brighter, treats acne, black spots and improves the overall glow of your skin. There are number of such creams available today but beauty of ayurvedic kumkumadi lepam is that it's made of natural herbs and there are no artificial chemicals in it. This makes it safe for your skin and also better in longer term. Customers who have used it report significant improvement in skin complexion and revitalization / improved softness of skin. Note that Kumkumadi cream and kumkumadi oil are both prepared using Ashtanga Hridayam and both have the same base but are applied differently.

Kumkumadi Lepam Benefits

There are multiple benefits of this ayurvedic products -

  1. Acne and pimples are cured by Kumkumadi lepam which happen because of dry skin. Once you wash your affected area, you can apply this cream. Haldi (or, Trumeric) fights the germs on your skin, Kesar (saffron) gives a glow to your skin given its healing properties and chandan (sandal wood) get rids of microorgasma/bacteria on your skin which may be causing irritation
  2. It removes scars and blemishes on your skin
  3. Stretch marks may happen when you undergo a pregnancy or loose weight suddenly causing saggy skin. Kumkumadi lepam helps you by giving your skin an even tone and thus reducing these marks
  4. It helps take care of dark circles and pigmentation. Dark circles may happen due to dry skin, aging, working for long hours in front of a computer, prolonged crying, lack of sleep and mental or physical stress.
  5. Makes your skin look radiant and beautiful
  6. Can be used for treating wrinkles

Kumkumadi Lepam Ingredients

It has number of natural ingredient each of them being very popular for their medicinal values -


Haldi (Turmeric) Curcuma Longa Turmeric is a known herb in Indian homes and is used extensively in food given its numerous benefits. It helps in providing nourishment to you skin as well as a fresh glow. Turmeric is also good in treating skin blemishes, acne, black spots and more.
Ushira Vetiveria Zizanioides  
Kesar (Saffron) Crocus Sativus Saffron is one of the most expensive herbs on earth given its high demand. It revitalizes your skin by acting against skin issues as well as makes your skin glow.
Lal Chandan (Sandalwood) Pterocarpus Santalinus It is believed that sandal wood cleanses the entire atmosphere around you. In temples, chandan is applied to foreheads of people offering prayers - the idea is to cleanse their soul when they are offering prayers. Chandan's antimicronial properties allows it to fight gems, clean out any inflammations as well as clear skin blemishes.
Padmaka Prunus Cerasoides  
Manjistha Rubia Cordifolia  
Daruhaldi Berberis Aristata  
Mulethi (Yashtimadhu / Licorice) Glycyrrhiza Glabra  
Lac Laccifer Lacca  
Neel Kamal (Blue Lotus) Nymphaea Stellata  
Cononut oil or Sesame oil    

Kumkumadi Use

After cleaning your face with water and soap like Neem soap gently, apply Lepam and let it remain overnight. Try applying it 30-60 min before sleeping so that it's not immediately rubbed off while sleeping. In the morning, clean it with lukewarm water.

Kumkumadi Lepam side effects

Although there are no side effects and is considered an ayurvedic revitalizing tonic for your skin. It must be used externally on skin.

+ See Kumkumadi Lepam Cream in Hindi - Kumkumadi Lepam क्रीम Please Note:All products sold on Shimply are brand new and 100% genuine. International Customers, please see details


Manufacturer Nagarjuna
Brand This product is available from Nagarjuna
Weight The Weight of this product is 20 Gm

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Dr HebbarDr.Hebbar Ayurvedic B.A.M.S.,MD
Dr RaghuramDr.Raghuram Ayurvedic YS MD

Mahesh Kumar

Dear Sir, in how many days i can see the effect of this cream that cream is working or not. I purchased this cream to remove dark circle under eyes. Thanks Mahesh
Asked On 2016-07-05
Answer : Well, skin is a tricky thing. Many times the skin problems might just not be limited to the skin. Dark circles under your eyes might just not be a discolouration (change in colour). It may be indicating some health problem inside your body, like anaemia, your liver not functioning properly, inadequate nutrition, disturbed metabolism, improper fat conversion, your bowels (colon, large gut) and kidneys not able to throw out the unnecessary things properly, lot of stress etc. According to Ayurveda it might occur due to Vata and Pitta disturbances, improper circulation of essence of digestion, improper body cleansing etc. Kindly rule out if you have any chronic issue (long standing health issues as said above and others also). If you are a woman, kindly check your menstrual (monthly bleeding) irregularities, menopause (stopping of monthly bleeding), white discharge etc. They might induce skin conditions in few women. Answer for your query – Kumkumadi cream is a good remedy for pimples and discolouration of face skin but it might just not work out singly. The root cause needs to be identified and ruled out. You may need some medicines to take by mouth (only application will not work). You may need some micro cleansing like Virechana (therapeutic purgation) and Nasya (nasal instillation of medicines and also Ayurvedic Lepas (facial application of herbal pastes). The applications will work only if the problem is related only to the skin and does not have any disease on its backdrop. If it is only limited to skin, you will come to know as evitable results will be seen within 10-14 days of usage.

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