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Being anxious is a normal emotion but if it prevails over a long period of time i.e. over 6 months, the person might be suffering from anxiety disorder. Feeling of fear, panic, problem in sleeping, nausea, tingling in hands or feet, chest pain, sweating, inability to stay calm etc. constitute for symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety is treatable and there are many cases where people have started living a normal life again. 

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The best way to remove anxiety is to remain happy and laugh. Whether it’s a fake laugh or natural laugh, the person suffering from anxiety disorder shall try to laugh as much as possible. One reason of anxiety is fear so if something is making you feel feared, just face it boldly and get rid of your anxiety. Drinking Chamomile tea thrice a day also helps in cooling down as chamomile has certain chemicals which have a relaxing effect. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acids like walnuts lowers the level of stress chemical and eases the anxiety symptoms. Even the odour of lavender oil helps in getting relief from anxiety.

Ayurvedic Medicines For Anxiety

Irrespective of the degree of anxiousness, it’s advisable that the patient shall not make himself lean on drug therapies. The drug therapies do give quick relaxation from anxiety but those small pills make big impact on the health and make the person addicted. Baidyanath yakuti ras is a great remedy in removing anxiousness. Herbal hills calmhills capsule relaxes the central nervous system and helps in keeping calm. Vedic delite Moringa leaf powder is an excellent stress-buster and cures anxiety as well as depression.

Anxiety affects the person’s ability to lead a normal life so treat this mental disorder soon and lead a happy life.

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Anxiety ayurvedic treatments Blogs

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