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Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu 200 Ml By Kerala Ayurveda

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See below to know the details about Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu:
Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu Benefits and Uses
How To Use Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu 
Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu Side Effects
Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu Ingredients

Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu Benefits and Uses

  1. Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu is an ayurvedic oil that gives strength to body, ligaments, muscles etc
  2. Very effective for rheumatic and neuromuscular disorders - arthritis, back pain, knee pain, joint pain, spondylosis, paralysis etc
  3. Good for pregnancy and post natal care as a massage oil to curb body pain and provide body strength
  4. Good oil to massage the babies as it provides excellent nourishment
  5. Rejuvenates body and skin 
  6. Used for ayurvedic message therapies and procedures like basti etc
  7. Calms vata dosha

How To Use Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu 

Apply it externally on the skin/affected area and massage it gently. Keep it for 30 minutes to an hour, then take bath with warm water.

Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu Side Effects

No known side effects of using Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu

Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu Ingredients

Sida cordifolia (Bala), Cow ghee, Horse gram (Kulthi), Ipomoea mauritiana, Hordeum vulagare, Rock salt (Sendha namak), Zizphus jujuba, Dasamoolam, Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari), Boerrhavia diffusa (Punarnava), Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha), Hemidesmus indicus (Sariva), Acorus calamus (Vacha), Rubia cordifolia (Manjistha), Asphaltum, Thriphala Chathurjathakam, Gingelly oil, Santalum album, Castor oil, Cow milk.


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Manufacturer Kerala Ayurveda
Brand This product is available from Kerala Ayurveda
Weight The Weight of this product is 200 Ml
Sales Package 1
Additional Features Kwaths, Weight: 200 ml
Number of Contents in Sales Package 200 Ml

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