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Kerala Murivenna Oil

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Murivenna Oil(also known as Murivenne Thailam, Murivenna Tailam, Murivena Tailam) is a popular Ayurvedic formulation that is used to heal sprains, wounds and fractures. It is usually used externally but can be taken internally after doctors recommendation

  1. Kerala Murivenna Oil Benefits
  2. Kerala Murivenna Oil Uses
  3. Kerala Murivenna Oil Ingredients
  4. Kerala Murivenna Oil Side Effects
  5. Kerala Murivenna Oil Reference

Kerala Murivenna Oil Benefits

It is a well known medicine used in ayurveda for - 

  1. Relieves pains from overall body when applied topically
  2. Relieves pain caused by arthritis
  3. Reduce inflammation in case of sprains and fractures (both caused by muscle and bone issues)
  4. Enhances the healing speed of wounds

Kerala Murivenna Oil Use

For treating injuries and wounds, dip cotton swabs in murivenna oil. Then apply this over affected areas (joint etc) for quick pain relief. Before applying, warm the oil lightly for best effect.

Also, it is used as an oil for entire body message to relax, heal and rejuivnate your body.

If you are advised by a doctor, you may take it internally as well - 10-15 drops once or twice a day

Kerala Murivenna Oil Ingredients

Here are the ingredients that are used to prepare this -

Sanskrit NameEnglish NameBenefits
KeramCoconut oil
SigruMoringa oleifera
SathaavariAsparagus racemosus
ShangodakaErythrinia Indica
ThamboolaPiper betle
KaranjaPongamia pinnata
PalanduAllium cepa Linn
ThaarthaavalBorreria stricta
Kanjika (Kanji)Rice bran water
KumariAloe barbadensi, Aloe vera

Kerala Murivenna Oil Side Effects

Since Oils are rich in fats, people who suffer from High Blood pressure, High Lipid profile, High cholestrol and other heart related issues must consult a doctor before taking these medicines.


Coconut oil is the main base that is used to prepare Murivenna Oil

+ See Kerala Murivenna Oil in Hindi - केरला मूरीवेन्ना तेल Please Note:All products sold on Shimply are brand new and 100% genuine. International Customers, please see details


Weight The Weight of this product is 200 Ml
Sales Package 1 per order
Additional Features Region :Kerala

Ask Your Question

Dr HebbarDr.Hebbar Ayurvedic B.A.M.S.,MD
Dr RaghuramDr.Raghuram Ayurvedic YS MD


Can it be use for sprains ?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :



Can it be use for rheumatoid arthritis pain in joints?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

Yes, it better to warm it little befor you apply it .


Is it helpful to relieve pain from shoulder dislocation?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

Yes, it  is helpful to reduce the pain.


Can it be used for post ankle surgery with fixation of plates?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :



Can it be used for burns?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :



I am suffering from ankylosing spondlitis. Can I use it?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

Yes , it is helpful to relive pain and stiffness .


Can it be used for rashes especially diaper rash?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

No, not that useful.You can use jathyadi gritam.


Can it be use for skin dryness?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer : It does not help much


Can it be useful for lightening the dark skin?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

No, it is just for wounds and fractures.


Can it be use for knee ligament sprain?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

Yes, you can use it for sprain pain .


Is it useful for disk pain. Can I use this?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :



My father is 60 years old and he is suffering from sciatic pain . Can he use it?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer : Yes, he can.


Can it be useful for plantar fascitis ?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

Yes it is. Apply it on painful area and wash off after 30 minutes with hot water.Do this once or twice in a day.


My mother is suffering from cartilage softening problem on her knee.Will it be helpful to relieve pain?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

Yes , it is helpful to relieve pain.


Can it be use with prabhanjanam oil?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :



Can I use it for my 7 years old child?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

Yes , you can.


Could you suggest any oil for knee ligament injury
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

Murivenna oil can be use for it.You can use these oil- 1.Bala Taila 2.Sahachardi taila 3.Dhanvantra Taila


I am a C-5 C-6 spinal injured paralytic patient. Can I use it ?
Asked On 2016-06-16
Answer :

Yes , it will be useful for you.

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The information on this page is helpful except for the very outdated warning about saturated fats. The so-called "link" between saturated fats and CHD was debunked decades ago.
Dear, Does it helpful for meniscus tear and bone bruises. If not, please suggest the related med.Thanks
My dad is suffering from gout and can he use murivenna oil for releasing its pain? If not, can you suggest any other oil that works for gout treatment.
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