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Nagarjuna Vyoshadi Vatakam 100gms



Nagarjuna Vyoshadi Vatakam 100gms:- Vyoshadi Vatakam Classic lineup of &quot;Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita&quot;. this remedy for colds, flu and all types of cough, its effect is similar to the action of the famous Ayurvedic preparation &quot;Sitopaladi&quot; but much effeciency. Vyoshadi Vatakam displays kapha (phlegm, sputum) from the lungs and bronchi, relieves cough, including cause by infectious diseases such as tuberculosis. Vyoshadi Vatakam a great natural remedy for your home first aid kit. S

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Manufacturer Nagarjuna
Brand This product is available from Nagarjuna
Weight The Weight of this product is 100 Gm

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