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Psoria Oil Uses and Benefits
Directions To Use Psoria Oil
Psoria Oil Side Effects
Psoria Oil Ingredients

Psoria Oil Uses and Benefits

  1. Psoria oil is a patent herbal oil manufactured by the nagarjuna pharmacy, used in the treatment of psoriasis, dandruff, scaling, itching, fungal infection. It also gives your skin texture back.
  2. If taken internally, it removes toxins and improves the immune system.
  3. It balances vata and pitta.

Directions To Use Psoria Oil

Externally application - Apply it on affected portion half an hour or one hour before bath. Take bath without using soap.

Internal application - Take about 5ml on empty stomach two times daily with warm water (30 ml) or as prescribed by Doctor.

Based on doctor's recommendation, Psoria oil can be used for upto one or two months.

Psoria Oil Side Effects

It generally seems to have no side-effects, however it is best to take it under doctor's supervision, especially when it comes to pregnant or lactating mothers and children.

While external application is generally regarded as safe, an internal overdosage can result in indigestion and gastric irritation.

It is advisable to keep it in a dry and cool place away from the reach of children.

Psoria Oil Ingredients

100 ml of Psorial oil consists of 100 ml of coconut oil and 250 gms of Wrightia tinctoria leaves (Stri Kutaja). Completely natural with no addtives, this is a great oil for skin related problems.

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Manufacturer Nagarjuna
Brand This product is available from Nagarjuna
Weight The Weight of this product is 100 Ml

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