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Buy Fatigue Ayurvedic Treatment Online

Causes of fatigue include psychological, physical and physiological causes, most common being stress (psychological cause). Fatigue in pregnancy or during breastfeeding is common which constitutes for physiological causes and physical causes include the diseases like diabetes, anemia etc. Obesity is also a source of fatigue.

Symptoms of fatigue are aching of muscles, dizziness, head ache, blurry vision, low motivation, short term memory problems etc. Symptoms of fatigue differ from person to person depending upon underlying disease like heart patients complain difficulty in breathing, diabetes patient complain excessive urination or thirst.

Fatigue Home Remedies

 A spinach dish once a day keeps fatigue away. Spinach contains potassium and vitamin B which are very good for energy metabolism. Apart from this cutting of fatty foods, eating more high-fibre food and a good breakfast accompanied with regular exercise or aerobics helps in getting rid of fatigue.

Fatigue Ayurvedic Medicines

Tiredness snatches many golden memories from a man’s life pages. Ayurvedic medicines are really helpful in beating fatigue with full vigor and help the person to remain fit. Ajaswagandhadi Lehyam is entrusted with the purpose of fighting fatigue, quick recovery from tiredness after gym and exercises and restoring optimum energy levels. Vigorex pills also aid in getting relief from tiredness. Dhanwantaram cream, if applied on affected areas, removes the muscular fatigue. And the list continues with many more ayurvedic remedies for fatigue.

Above all, proper sleep, less stress and regular exercise can help in fighting fatigue and remaining fit and fine.

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