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Fever ayurvedic treatments

Fever makes a person feel very uncomfortable and can affect his/her work performance. Fight fever with ayurvedic medicine for fever and cool down the temperature.

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Fever may be caused by an infection such as flu, virus or bacterial infection, some medications, rheumatoid arthritis, heat stroke, alcohol withdrawal, extreme sunburn etc. Common fever symptoms include headache, body ache, dizziness, weakness, dehydration, sweating and shivering of the body.

Fever home Remedies

If the person is suffering from mild fever, home remedies can be of great help in treating fever. Cool down your fever by taking bath in lukewarm water. Drinking ginger tea can help in fighting with low fever. Dehydration is common in fever so keep drinking water. Keeping a piece of cloth soaked in cool tap water on forehead is also of great help.

Fever Ayurvedic Cure

Amritarishtam is one of the widely used medicines in the treatment of fever. 12-24 ml of the syrup can be taken after the meal twice a day. Lakshadi Khuzampu herbal oil is very effective in giving relief from fever and related bodyache. Indukantham Kashayam is a herbal decoction which helps in fighting with fever as well as improving strength and immunity. Gorochanadi Gulika and godanti mishran are very good Ayurvedic tablets for fever.

Proper rest with no stress can help in quick recovery from fever.

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