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Buy Ayurvedic Treatment for Fractures and Contusions Online

Contusions may be caused due to injury, fragile skin or while exercising. Symptoms include blue or purple color mark on skin, severe pain and swelling in affected area. While weak bone, injury or accidents are the main cause behind fractures, symptoms of fracture include severe and unbearable pain, swelling and numbness. Treatment of bone-break focuses on locating and firming the bone.

Home Remedies for Fractures and Contusions 

Medical treatment is must in case of fracture and contusions. But home remedies may help in easing the associated pain. Cabbage, aloe vera, garlic, onion and pineapple are very effective in case of contusions. To ease pain and swelling, you may soak a piece of cloth in cold water containing few drops of lavender oil and apply it on affected area. Applying ice pack also gives instant relief from pain. In case of fracture, eating half pineapple daily is useful. Increase your calcium intake to strengthen your bone. Avoid drinking colas and caffeine.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Fracture and Contusions 

Ayurveda offers a wide variety of Ayurvedic medicines to deal with fractures and contusions. Gandha tailam strengthens the bones, muscles and ligaments and also helps in avoiding frequent injuries. It has wide application in all types of strains and sprains. Lakshadi Guggulu helps in rebuilding and refirming of bones. Take 2-4 tablets twice a day or as directed by Ayurveda doctor. Lakshadi guggulu is an antiseptic and is very useful in fractures. 

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Buy Ayurvedic Treatment for Fracture and Contusion Online and Strengthen Bones

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