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Hair Care ayurvedic treatments

Beautiful, long and voluminous hair enhances the overall personality of a girl. While rough and thin hair can be a reason for girl’s dismay. Not only girls but for boys also, thin hair or baldness is a major issue. Toss out the rough and thin hair and get radiant and dense hair with the help of Ayurveda naturally.

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Everyone in the world wants to get rid of rough and dull hair. But lets first understand the reason behind the dry and dull hair. Healthy scalp promotes healthy hair and dry scalp results in dry hair. So keep lubricating your hair with oil to get lustrous hair. 

Hair Care Home Remedy

At least once in a life we all must have asked someone for hair care tips. Put a halt to your questions and have a look at the following homemade methods to get thick hair at home naturally. Your dull hair needs protein. So feed them with eggs. Beat the egg properly, apply it on your wet hair and leave it for half an hour. Then rinse it off with shampoo and water. Though butter isn’t good for your health, but for hair’s health it is. Apply butter on your hair strands, leave it for 30 mins and rinse off with shampoo and water. This will give you glossy hair. Massaging with olive oil is also a good option. Don’t always tie up your hair in a ponytail, let them be loose for some time and don’t sleep with any hair accessory in your lovely hair.     

Hair Care Ayurvedic Treatment

Healthy and long hair is a boon for anyone but dull and dry hair is no less than a bane. Don’t think only expensive salon treatments can resolve your problem. Ayurveda can make your hair flowy and shiny that too naturally. Apply sufficient quantity of Malatyadi Keratailam Ayurveda herbal oil on scalp and message gently. Leave it overnight for better results and take head bath next morning and get rid of dandruff and damaged hair. Nilibhringadi Keratailam Ayurvedic massage oil not only promotes healthy scalp and hair but it also acts as anti-dandruff and anti-fungal agent. It is an ideal hair oil for soft, flowy and dense hair. Triphaladi tailam is very useful in case of grey hair, split hair and hair fall. It also cools the head combatting headache and promotes peaceful sleep. Durdurapathradi Keram is also an effective hair tonic.
Who doesn’t adore cascading hair falling over shoulders?  Just follow any of the remedies for hair care and get your dream hair.

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Hair Care ayurvedic treatments Blogs

Ayurvedic Herbs for Grey Hair Greying of hair is one of the first signs of aging. Ayurveda explains this in two ways. One is the natural aging process which occurs with age and is inevitable but the other one is rather unnatural as it is premature. There are many reasons for grey hair but it can be summed up in the form of Pitta dosha imbalance.
Ayurvedic Treatment For Grey Hair Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in India. It is a holistic system which focuses on balancing the energies or doshas which govern the body and mind. Greying of hair is caused by a pitta dosha imbalance and can be treated by balancing the dosha.
Best Ways To Prevent Premature Greying Of Hair Isn’t it frustrating to suddenly spot a grey hair? It can be really embarrassing to have grey hair in younger years of life like early 20s. A lot of people suffer from this problem of premature greying of hair. The cause is aggravated by the state of the world we live in today.
Causes of Grey Hair Spotting a grey hair never brings you any happiness and you die a little more inside if you spot that grey strand of hair in your 20s. Greying of hair before time is known as premature greying of hair. Your hair is bound to lose its natural shine and turn grey as you grow old but when this happens at a young age, it could be a problem.
Diet & Lifestyle To Prevent Grey Hair Premature greying of hair is an annoying hair problem which quite a lot of people face. There are a lot of factors affecting the health of your mane. Sun exposure, improper diet and many other reasons can cause your hair to age before time.