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Buy Ayurvedic Treatment For Headache Online

Headache can occur due to many reasons, some may be normal while some may be quite serious and may need medical attention. Pain in head, neck pain, blurry vision, vomiting, dizziness etc. constitute for Headache symptoms.

Headache Treatment At Home

Before popping up a pain killer which has a detrimental effect on health at later stage, try some home remedies and get relief from headache. Our evergreen Ginger tea can help in getting quick relief from headache. Headache caused by dehydration can be cured within minutes by drinking a glass of water. Massaging the scalp with peppermint oil opens up the clogged blood vessels and gives relief from headache. Applying ice pack on the back of head can help in getting rid of migraine headache. Ice has anti-inflammatory properties and has a soothing effect on pain.

Headache Ayurvedic Treatment

Headache ayurvedic medicines focus on killing the pain from root instead of just getting relief from pain. Ayurveda provides a range of Ayurvedic headache tablets, churna, oil etc. Anu tailam Ayurvedic massage oil helps in getting relief from headaches (especially in case of sinus headache). Varnadi Kashayam tablet is also very beneficial in cooling nerves and giving relief from headache. Shirashuladivajra ras is very effective in alleviating headache. Varanadi Kashayam also eases the headache.

Manage stress, sleep properly, drink plenty of water and keep your head calm and cool.

The Ayurvedic Medicines For Headache Online from Shimply

Shimply offers a range of ayurvedic medicines for headache online. These ayurvedic remedies for headache are available from authenticated sellers from different parts of India.

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