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Hearing Loss (Deafness) ayurvedic treatments

Deafness or hearing loss is a big curse for any person having a toll on his life and day-to-day activities. Deafness has the potential of turning a person’s happy life into a gloomy one. Don’t let your deafness define you and give a tough challenge to it with the support of ayurvedic medicines for deafness.

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  • Deafness is defined as a complete inability of the ears to hear any sound while hearing loss may imply partial inability of ears to hear. It can occur at any age and may affect one ear or both the ears. Hearing loss may be a result of prolonged exposure to loud noise, old age or heredity factors. 

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Hearing loss can be treated easily at early stage. If you are facing difficulty in hearing the sounds continuously, immediately pay a visit to doctor and get your problem treated.

Home Remedies for Deafness

Though medical treatment is must in case of deafness, the patient should also follow home remedies for better and quicker results. Fresh pineapple juice is a great remedy for deafness. Minimize sugar and caffeine content in your diet. Garlic reduces inflammation in ear and is a good remedy for deafness. Putting few drops of onion juice in each ear is also very effective. Avoid alcohol as it supports the growth of yeast in ear canal.

Deafness Ayurvedic Treatment

Do not bow down before deafness and give it a bad defeat using ayurvedic medicines. Sarivadi vati is an ayurvedic tablet which is not only useful in treating hearing problems or ear infection but is also very useful in deafness. Kshara thailam herbal oil is also a great ayurvedic medicine to deal with deafness. It is useful in case of ear infections, ear ache and hearing loss. Just put three to five drops of the oil in each ear or as directed by ayurveda doctor.

Do not listen to music at high volume and keep yourself distant from noisy sources to keep deafness at bay.

The Ayurvedic Treatment for Hearing Problem Online from Shimply

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