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Heart Support ayurvedic treatments

Heart is a delicate organ which is vital for survival. Heart not only pumps blood but it also infuses life in the body. The moment heart stops beating, life comes to a standstill. This makes it necessary to take care of this vital organ lovingly and carefully. Provide support and care to your heart with ayurvedic medicine for heart.

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While a heart infuses life into a human being, a heart attack can even lead you to death-bed. Heart disease can be because of combination of factors such as high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, smoking, stress, depression etc. Symptoms of heart disease include fatigue, slow or fast rate of heartbeat, chest pain, difficulty in breathing etc.

Home Remedies for Healthy Heart

Heart diseases can be prevented by adopting a perfect lifestyle with balanced diet. Turmeric - the queen of all spices, apart from other health benefits, also helps in maintaining a healthy heart. It helps in reducing cholesterol and prevents the building up of plaque in artery walls, thus ensuring smooth passage of blood. Eating 2-3 raw garlic cloves daily,helps in maintaining healthy level of cholesterol and blood pressure. Green tea, due to it’s anti-oxidant properties, also aids in keeping heart healthy. Avoid smoking and drinking and minimize the fat content in your diet.

Heart Care Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurveda has been traditionally trusted in keeping the organs healthy and disease-free. Arjunarishta is an excellent herbal cardiac tonic which is extensively used. Arjunahills capsules provide optimum support for normal heart muscle function and coronary artery health. Bruhat vata chintamani rasa is very effective in cardiovascular disorders like irregular pulse, increased heart rate, improper blood circulation etc. Chologuardhills strengthens heart and blood vessels and helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol.  

Our ancestors have said that healthy heart resides in happy soul. So keep yourself happy and your heart healthy.

The Ayurvedic Cure for Heart Disease Online from Shimply

Shimply offers a range of ayurvedic medicines for heart disease online. These ayurvedic remedies for heart disease are available from authenticated sellers from different parts of India.

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