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Buy Ayurvedic Treatment For Infertility Online

According to ayurveda, weak ‘shukra dhatu’ or reproductive tissue is amongst the main infertility causes. Other causes depend on the sex of infertile person - male and female. Male infertility can be a result of hormonal imbalances, hypogonadism, semen disorders, testicular failure etc. while female infertility can be because of damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, cervical issues, ovulation problem, hormonal imbalances etc. Inability to contribute to conception or not getting pregnant even after a year of unprotected sex constitute for infertility symptoms.

Home Remedies for Infertility

Infertility is a serious issue and requires urgent medical attention but initially, to quicken the progress of the treatment, you shall give a try to home remedies. Pomegranate, cinnamon, garlic, cumin seeds, asparagus etc. are good ways to defeat infertility. Massaging the abdominal region with sesame oil relaxes the blood vessels and helps in conception. The powder of banyan bark has been used traditionally in ayurveda to promote fertility. Drinking a glass of warm milk with two teaspoons of banyan bark powder regularly for 6 months boosts fertility naturally.   

Ayurvedic Medicine for Infertility

Shilajit is one of the best ayurvedic sexual tonic and a great way to boost up strength and stamina. It increases the libido level in men and in case of women, it helps in regulating menstrual cycle. Eating 1-2 capsules of Shilajit capsules daily two times gives a tough fight to infertility. Taking two teaspoons of phala ghrita daily along with warm milk is very beneficial in increasing the chances of conception. Ashwagandha churna and shatavari churna are also potent ayurvedic medicines for conceiving.

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