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Dhootapapeshwar Kamdugha (Mouktikyukta)



Read below to know more about the various aspects of Kamdugha (Mouktikyukta):
Kamdugha (Mouktikyukta) Uses and Benefits
Kamdugha (Mouktikyukta) Dosage
Kamdugha (Mouktikyukta) Ingredients

Kamdugha (Mouktikyukta) Uses and Benefits

  1. The combination of ingredients of Kamdugha and Mouktik Bhasma (pearls) is a very good ayurvedic medicine to pacify pitta dosha
  2. It treats pitta related disorders - hyperacidity, constipation, improper digestion, lack of sleep, bleeding disorders, diarrhea, burning sensation in the body, eyes, palms etc
  3. Good for heart, improving energy levels
  4. Can be taken in case of fever, headache, vertigo, excessive vaginal discharge, urticaria
  5. Mild and coolant in nature

Kamdugha (Mouktikyukta) Dosage

  • 1-2 tablets can be taken twice or thrice a day with Chandanasava, Usheerasava, Sheetasudha or water
  • Can be taken after food or as prescribed by the Doctor

Kamdugha (Mouktikyukta) Ingredients

Ingredients Qty
Pravala Bhasma  1 part
Shankha Bhasma 1 part
Mouktik Bhasma 1 part
Guduchi Satva 1 part
Shouktik Bhasma 1 part
Shuddha Suvarnagairik 1 part
Kapardika Bhasma 1 part


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Manufacturer Dhootapashwar Pharma
Brand This product is available from Dhootapashwar Pharma
Weight The Weight of this product is 100 Gm
Number of Contents in Sales Package 25 Nos.

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