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Buy Ayurvedic Treatment For Joint Pain Online

Joint pain symptoms include joint swelling, redness, fatigue, aching in joints, stiffness and difficulty in moving joints.

Joint Pain Home Remedies

Turmeric and ginger tea are very useful in giving relief from joint pain. Ginger and turmeric both are anti-inflammatories. Epsom salt has high levels of magnesium and is very effective in joint pain relief. Its very convenient also as one needs to just stir ½ cup of Epsom salt in a bowl containing luke warm water and dip the affected part. One may even take bath with Epsom salt and water solution. Massaging the joint with extra virgin olive oil twice a day is also very beneficial.

Joint Pain Ayurvedic treatment

Joint pain is a very common medical condition. Ayurvedic medicines for joint pain have proven beneficial in getting relief from joint pain since ages. Valiya rasnadi kashayam, if taken in 15-20ml with equal quantity of water, is very helpful in fighting with painful joints. Baidyanath Rheumartho Gold Plus Cap contains valuable herbs and bhasma and is very useful in rheumatism. Kotakkal Pain balm, if applied twice or thrice a day on affected area, aids in relieving pain from joints.

 Accompany the Ayurvedic treatment with regular yoga and exercises and see the best results.

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